A Brief Introduction: On Reading Writing, and Ruminating. By Holly Kirkpatrick Ulrich

Welcome to Holly’s Hideout!

“The Hideout” a continuous work in progress.

Yes, it’s true. I’ve been hiding out in my own little corner of the world. To the point that I didn’t even realize it. The reasons being a choice between fight or flight and choosing flight; combined with personal conscious artistic choice. In my weariness of the hunt I have become a gatherer. Up until now I wasn’t ready, but now I think I’ve gathered enough to at least get started..

What are you Best at?

I’ve spent a lot of my life; along with a healthy dose of hard work and focus, trying to turn unstructured activities, into something else. I have a bachelor degree in Fine Art, majoring in Jewellery and Metals and a 2nd degree in Education. I have Yoga training, Music training, Acting training. That doesn’t mean I’m really good at any of the above, but they do inform my life work. I often don’t give myself enough credit for what I am good at. If I can get into the flow, at some point I may manage to produce some quality wearable art jewellery that could become a “product page”. But for now, I will admit my favourite and best activities have always seemed to result from the realms of recess, lunch hour and free-time.

Play Time Allowed!

I like to cook, bake and entertain. I love to read to myself- and out loud to anyone who will listen! I will also mention I’m a new “old” mom of a young child. I like to draw. I love a good story and I’m good at sharing.

I will probably share too much.

Without saying too much, I hope to share wisdom I’ve gained through life experience, and through talented wise people I’ve been privileged to meet and how it’s affected me. I wish to impart some of the great tidbits of information I’ve acquired. I would like to share without giving ALL of my secrets away. But I might do just that…hey maybe something good will come of it? I promise I will try not to be too longwinded! But I have waited so long to begin. I have so much to tell you!.

My first advice will be: Don’t take my advice.. Don’t take anybody’s! Without careful consideration. Instead, learn from mine and others’ mistakes if you can. Or not, your choice! While I have learned I am the queen of overthinking things, there are reasons for this. I’m also not big on self deprecation, so I’ll just say this up front. I see myself recognising kernels of insight gained through a whole bunch of life experiences.

What am I trying to accomplish here?

I honestly don’t know where this is going. What I do know is there is a story behind ever-y-thing. And at this point, I don’t see myself running out of material anytime soon. Reading, writing and ruminating have become the obsessions that leads me to this place. I have my beliefs and more importantly I have my stories. I simply can’t keep quiet any longer. I have to see what happens and where the story goes.

Journalling to get thoughts out onto paper, is creatively useful. Sometimes I’ve noticed these thoughts can be profound, funny, happenstance, this is also what I’d like to share.

I have worked in this direction for a long time so, I would say, it’s about time that I put my voice forward. While, I might have something to contribute; I don’t entirely know what that is exactly. Maybe there aren’t even words that can describe it? My own curiosity is keeping me interested.

Are We Allowed to Disagree?

Imagine everything  you have ever thought you knew to be true- was wrong!? Try out looking at everything you say or do from a multitude of angles.  This is what I do, but I also understand it is through my own eyes and experience, which is of course fallible. I used to have a self-made poster as a kid, in my bedroom that said, “People have their own opinions- Let Them!” What I eventually noticed was I wasn’t offering up my own opinion. I break my own silence here.

“Shout Into The Void”

This is who I am. Anyone who reads what I write is allowed to disagree with me. But I hope that they may begin to understand that I am also allowed to disagree with them too. I understand that everything I say or do, may not be accepted with hearts and happy faces, and some of it might. Que Sera. I am open to all feedback and suggestions. I brace myself a little too, for the silence of the crickets.

Sometimes Its Ok to Get Your Nose Bent Out Of Joint.

A Note on Perfection:

I’m new to this, I have to accept that I will make mistakes here. I give myself permission that everything does not have to be perfect, and I am allowed to evolve, change and grow. I do not have to stay stuck on one point. I am entitled to my own opinion. I trust in myself, to do the best I can. (I would probably benefit from an editor. Also a housekeeper, secretary, bookkeeper, assistant….)

I do so hope you will consider coming along for this “memoiresque” ride . So without further ado, seeing as there is, in fact, nothing out there quite like “putting it out there”, then I would agree it is high time for some,  “Once Upon a Time”.