Humanure – No Bull!?

Big NEWS! The Humanure Handbook 4th Edition is out! I happened upon a an earlier edition a little while ago at our local library, while trolling for books with my son, as we do about once a month. I’ve found so many treasures this way, the Humanure Handbook, is no exception.

This book is fantastic. Not only is it remarkably practical and informative, but it is humorously written along with entertaining and funny original cartoon drawings by the Author Joe Jenkins.  This is excellent “bathroom” reading for anyone who enjoys occasion “toilet” humor, and I know you are out there! And for the squeamish and prudish alike, to ease your troubled minds. An absolute must read!

I’d say I have fallen on both sides of the fence. Being put off by the dirt and grime of life. Getting the ebee gebees from the idea of “bacteria and germs”, like just wipe the mess up with a paper towel and throw it in the garbage! Just get it away from me! As well as having a preschooler, the last few years, and growing up with 2 brothers, where there is always extra emphasis on the humor of “bodily functions”….

It’s not that we don’t know about the idea of starting a compost. It’s just-where to begin? The Humanure Handbook quells fears. It makes believers out of us!

To put it simply- our soil needs nutrients, (which comes from fertilizer) and conveniently humans make fertilizer! We need nutrient soil and so …

We also need clean drinking water. Currently we pollute our drinking water everytime we go number 2! Hmm ? So what are the alternatives? Are there any?

Once you get over the initial shock of the idea, well it’s actually pretty refreshing. It’s just that it’s one of those taboo subjects. I even went out bought the basic supplies. Even as hubby shook his head and snickered at me. ( In his defense he did help me acquire the bails)

1. 5 gallon buckets with lids,

2.Peat moss,

3. Bails of hay.

Jenkins explains things and makes it attainable. He even responded to my questions via facebook which I thought was pretty cool. You can check out his YouTubes too!

Maybe it is true, and we’re just part of a small faction of the population. I can only hope that our numbers are growing. In any case, shout out to Joe Jenkins, from me -what a cool dude.

Okay, I confess, I have not actually started an indoor composting toilet ….. Yet.

My first compost !

I am proud to say that I did finally start a compost in the fall. Even made it through most of the long winter in the cold cold north of Eastern BC Canada. My compost consisted of all vegetable matter and eggshells. But according to Mr Jenkins, anything goes.

The heat generated in the compost pile, for surprisingly short periods of time, burn up any smeliness or bugs. Honest, it’s not scary! It’s empowering.

Next winter, from what I know now, I will do even better!

I realize there are a lot of people who know much more about this subject than me. People who have composted for years. They might encourage others to compost or recycle, but they don’t make a big deal out of it, they “just do it”. The quiet heroes of our world, who are leading by their actions. You inspire me.

This book has literally changed my life. Could this be one of those rare things that can possibly shake us out of our complacency? Like it has started to do for me? I now see the world through different eyes. Because once you get started, and allow yourself to deal with your refuse, it becomes part of a chain reaction. I will never again feel the same way about what I’m sending to the landfill. No Bull!

The world IS gradually changing. We don’t have composting pick up, where I live but maybe we will in the near future? Especially if more people give these ideas a chance and input them into their think tanks.

Everybody needs to read this book, as much as they have to go to the bathroom everyday! So don’t be a party pooper, or go ahead and be one! Just make sure you get yourself a copy!

I would love for each and everyone I know to have a copy of this book. But I thought I’d just TELL you about it first. If you happen to live near me, and are interested in getting in on a group order deal, shoot me a message here or at

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